Tuesday, October 20, 2015

About me

This is going to be point form information about me
- my back round is from great Briton I was born in Canada and so were my parents an my grand parents even my great grand parents but my great great grand parents originated from great Briton and Sweden 
- I enjoy playing video games (halo, Minecraft, the new Star Wars game that is coming out and much more)

-I love to play sports such as American football, soccer or football, paintball and much more sports

-I like the outdoors I like to go camping, do archery, go for hikes and lots of other things you can do outside

-I like lots of different foods some of most of my favourite things to eat includes meat 

-I like science, math, history and gym those are my favourite classes by the way I'm in French immersion so I know I little French

-I am  a hard working individual when I get determined I stay determined an don't give up until I get there result that I want

Sorry about my first one if you read the title it says "test"


  1. I love playing Minecraft and dangerous hunts 2013,2012,2011,2009.

  2. Good job Aiden. I love the gold finch. They are nice to look at. I like the map and how it shows where they are year around. I think that you should add more details about them. But, hey that's my opinion. You can do whatever you want