Tuesday, December 15, 2015

American Goldfinch

                      American Goldfinch
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The American Goldfinch (or eastern Goldfinch) or Spinus Tristis (binomial name) is native to the America's the bird's summer location is from southern Canada to Colorado and it's winter location is from southern Canada to Mexico while migrating they gather in big flocks. The male's colours are vibrant yellow in the summer and an olive in the winter the female's is a dull yellow-brown and it gets slightly brighter in the summer. The American gold finch prefers open country where weeds thrive such as fields,meadows,flood plains,as well as road sides,orchards and gardens. The bird's favorite type of seed is nyjer another word for this type of seed is thistle. It's conservation status is least concerned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

yellow is breeding range

green is year round range

blue is winter range

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

About me

This is going to be point form information about me
- my back round is from great Briton I was born in Canada and so were my parents an my grand parents even my great grand parents but my great great grand parents originated from great Briton and Sweden 
- I enjoy playing video games (halo, Minecraft, the new Star Wars game that is coming out and much more)

-I love to play sports such as American football, soccer or football, paintball and much more sports

-I like the outdoors I like to go camping, do archery, go for hikes and lots of other things you can do outside

-I like lots of different foods some of most of my favourite things to eat includes meat 

-I like science, math, history and gym those are my favourite classes by the way I'm in French immersion so I know I little French

-I am  a hard working individual when I get determined I stay determined an don't give up until I get there result that I want

Sorry about my first one if you read the title it says "test"